Our recruitment and interim services are provided by experienced logistics and HR specialists, where our customers can count on cost benefits and continuous development.

We provide a customized recruitment process tailored to your company’s specific needs and based on competencies. This approach ensures a timely and precise method of attracting talent. Our commitment to quality and personalized attention remains steadfast throughout the entire process, with a keen focus on enhancing your employer brand and delivering a positive candidate experience.

Our Services

We have recruitment services for every need. We offer, among other things, recruitment & search for leaders in top management, managers, specialists and employees for the private and public sectors.


We offer a company-adapted and competence-based recruitment process to ensure a time-efficient and accurate attraction method.

We guarantee quality and personal treatment throughout the process, where we focus on your employer brand and the candidate experience.


When you as a company manage the recruitment process yourself, you can use us for an objective assessment of your final candidates. We carry out interviews, references and personal assessment through tests, as well as evaluate the candidate profiles and their suitability for the position.


We have good practice and experience working with Headhunting. We map the candidate market and market the specific service and you as a company. Using Headhunting is common and can, for example, be relevant when there are confidential changes in a company that mean that public recruitment is not the best solution.


We help you solve a temporary need for leaders with specific knowledge and expertise for a limited period through our network of experienced interim consultants.
We have a large network with both available consultants and consultants who are in ongoing assignments with whom we continuously have a dialogue to enable a good matching of assignments, skills and expectations.

Recruitment process

Recruitment is about finding three common winners; the client, the candidate and those who manage the recruitment process.
Our goal is to help people find each other through our skills, networks and platforms for ultimate matching!

Requirements Profile & Analysis

We create an understanding of the client’s situation and create a requirements profile for the specific role, which is an important component for high-quality delivery and a successful recruitment process.

Information about the client, the role and the requirement profile is then compiled into a material that we use as a basis for the entire recruitment process.

Identification & Qualification

Logent identifies candidates through various sources such as:

  • Candidates in our existing networks
  • Our resume database
  • Social Media

We map potential candidates and industries through our advertisements, which are often ad campaigns.

Verification, Tests & Selection

Logent conducts interviews where we review professional background, merits and potential for the role. A selection of the most suitable candidates is then presented to the client.

A wrong recruitment costs both time and money. Therefore, it is important that those who carry out the recruitment process are trained, professional recruiters who have both experience and commitment.

Customer Interviews & Completion

In this step, the client meets the agreed final candidates, Logent acts with mentorship for both parties.

Evaluative personality and problem-solving tests are carried out on final candidates, references are taken, as well as possible background and credit checks upon agreement.

Follow-up takes place with both client and candidate after the end of recruitment and after a couple of months for further follow-up.

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