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Increased sustainability in the supply chain

We raise the level of ambition within our supply chain and invest in ensuring early on in collaborations that we can work together to reach set goals and continuously improve sustainability work. An important part of this work has been to include sustainability aspects in the procurements from the start. We are therefore proud to have entered into an agreement with Procurator regarding work clothes, and are convinced that together we will be able to further improve sustainability work and reduce the burden on the environment. We are pleased to have found a supplier who, in addition to meeting our high demands on sustainability, also meets our need for flexibility and quality.

“A prerequisite for being able to do a good job is comfortable and appropriate clothing and shoes that at the same time contribute to feeling safe and secure in your workplace. This applies regardless of whether you work in a port, terminal, workshop or in a e-commerce warehouse. We are pleased to have found a comprehensive supplier to the Logent Group that ensures high quality and security in all our operations.” says Buster Odlander, Director Operations development & Transformation.

“We are incredibly proud that Logent chose us and work clothes from our own collection Worksafe! For Procurator, Logent is a perfect match as they care about the individual’s comfort but also the impact on the environment. Together, we can develop new ways of recycling, challenge the choice of raw materials and materials, and adapt clothing to work tasks with the aim of both creating safety in the workplace and extending the life of the garment when it is used in its right environment and in the correct way. All this at the same time as they go about their business representing the Logent brand with the latest in workwear. Thank you for the confidence!” says Kristina Lantz, Sales & Marketing Director.

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