Operational Excellence

3PL, TPL, TredjepartslogistikOperational Excellence – a Buzzword or the Path to Efficient, Safe Logistics with Clearly Realized Customer Values?

The world is in continuous change. Logent’s customers and partners are constantly in need of better, faster, and more agile solutions to deliver value to their customers. A successful company needs to continuously develop its capabilities to keep pace with the competition, and a seamless customer journey has become a hygiene factor in the logistics industry. This places great demands on Logent in our work to create value through efficient solutions in the logistics chain.

Logent actively works on continuously developing our operations. We should always be at the forefront when it comes to efficient logistics solutions, and a cornerstone in our development work is Operational Excellence.

What is Operational Excellence, really?

10 Core Principles, Kaizen, Six Sigma, OKAPI, Lean thinking, DMAIC, Balanced scorecard, Theory of constraints – all theoretical concepts and models used to explain the concept of Operational Excellence. Defining Operational Excellence is not easy. The definitions and models used are often theoretical and either too broad or too narrow. At the same time, the term Operational Excellence is widely used to reinforce the image of a company or an operation where development is high on the agenda. Working on operational excellence as a company becomes a reinforcing hygiene factor in corporate communication, but what support does it really provide in operational activities?

Operational Excellence is often equated with continuous improvement. The concepts often go hand in hand but are not the same thing. Continuous improvement should, according to us at Logent, rather be seen as the result of Operational Excellence. Operational Excellence should not be seen as activities that can be checked off but rather as a framework and mindset within the organization. At Logent, Operational Excellence is about creating and implementing the tools and processes that promote our culture. A culture that revolves around always working to streamline our processes, whether it’s an internal function or a customer site.

One of the most important components of our work related to Operational Excellence is our combination of local presence and responsibility along with our central functions. Each local site organization is continuously trained and provided with locally adapted methods, tools, checklists, annual plans, and activity plans needed to continuously develop our operations. Our central functions support our local organizations through specialist expertise, group-wide improvement measures, continuous process development, and feedback through annual audits.

Operational Excellence is not about increasing productivity or reducing costs, although it becomes a consequence of working according to our principles. Through our significant experience in setting up and/or taking responsibility for the operation of our partners’ logistics solutions, we dare to promise that significant improvements are continuously identified and realized shortly. Our experience speaks clearly – our focus on Operational Excellence has clear effects in areas such as:

• Productivity & Quality

• Working Environment & Risk Management

• Personnel & Development

Productivity & Quality

Logent has a strong focus on ensuring high productivity and quality. Our operations always have a local management team trained in Logent’s operations, ensuring that our operations continuously develop through:

• Introduction and continuous monitoring of KPIs and deviation management through visual information and daily management.

• A clear focus on order and cleanliness – Our work according to 5S principles ensures visual quality, high productivity, and accident prevention through order and cleanliness in the workplace.

• Standardized, organized, and professional profile at all Logent workplaces.

Working Environment & Risk Management

Work environment and risk management are areas where Logent does not compromise. Everyone at one of Logent’s operations should feel safe. We ensure this through:

• Systematic work environment and fire protection work.

• Clear policies and rules adapted to the local operation.

• Continuous audits of the operation’s work environment.

• Thorough property inspections at the start of new operations.

• Daily follow-up and information to staff during daily management.

Staff and development

By ensuring that the correct competence is available at Logent’s workplaces and is in the right place in the operations, we strengthen the operations. We do this through:

• Documentation of competence and development needs.

• Further education.

• Optimization of scheduling.

• Collective agreements.

Logistics doesn’t have to be difficult

Logent is a comprehensive and independent logistics partner, with a Nordic base and global networks. Logent not only offers services in warehouse and production logistics but a complete solution within logistics. A wide range of services also includes customs handling, transport management, port operations, as well as staffing and consulting services. We at Logent have both the capacity and the competence to meet our customers’ and potential customers’ daily and future needs. We help streamline and reduce the cost of logistics flows.

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