Optimize and take control of the environmental impact from transportation through Emission Management

The world is facing a significant transition to meet the set goals for reducing emissions. To achieve this, the demands on corporate sustainability work and reporting have increased, and more and more companies are working hard to create reliable data within their organizations and supply chains. Transportation is a crucial part of many companies’ value chains and a central component of society’s lifeblood. The industry currently accounts for 13 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. A major transformation is required for the industry to meet national, EU, and global targets for phasing out certain fuels and reducing emissions. Finding sustainable transport solutions that benefit both the climate and society is thus essential for ensuring continued sustainable development.

Take Control of Your CO2e Emissions

We have developed a concept, Emission Management, to monitor CO2e emissions for our customers’ transport solutions. This enables a systematic improvement process where we, together with the customer, identify potential development areas to help our customers achieve their climate goals. With refined calculation methods, quality-assured data, and a platform that simplifies access to information for our customers, climate impact is visualized in detail to maintain high pressure in the improvement work.

Follow-up and Improvement Measures

Our methods allow for detailed measurement of environmental impact, for instance, for a specific project or customer. We assist you in identifying, implementing, measuring, and following up the most effective improvement measures. We then follow up on the implemented improvement measures and measure their effects to ensure they have a real impact. Examples of measures include improved packaging, consolidation, electrification, or simply enabling the choice of greener alternatives for your transports. Development plans are then established together to work long-term and systematically to improve your environmental impact. We also continuously monitor the transport market to identify and utilize the most sustainable solutions possible in the transport designs recommended to customers. In addition to reducing environmental impact, we enable reduced transport costs and decreased administration.

We Strengthen Your Logistics Department

Logent Transport Management strengthens your logistics department by acting as a long-term partner in designing, administering, and continuously optimizing transport logistics. With the help of modern tools and unique expertise, control and systematic development are made possible.








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