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Our Knowledge Center contains a wealth of articles, guides and advice covering everything from basic concepts to advanced techniques. We hope that you will benefit from our knowledge and that we can help you optimize your logistics operations.

Increased sustainability in the supply chain

We raise the level of ambition within our supply chain and invest in ensuring early on in collaborations that we can work together to reach set goals and continuously improve sustainability work.

3 tips for how to succeed at your job interview

Before the interview, think about concrete examples that show qualities or skills that you have highlighted in your CV. Example: “I contributed with X in project X which resulted in XX Msek in savings”.

Logent’s Drawback concept

With Logent Customs’ innovative Drawback concept, you have the opportunity to get paid customs fees back for goods that are sent back to Sweden.

We have helped our customers achieve impressive savings of approximately 25% of our customers’ total customs costs with our drawback solution. Now it’s your turn to find out how much your company can save!

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