We make a difference

Every year, we employ over 3,000 people with different backgrounds. From those who are just starting their career after completing their studies, to those who are struggling to enter the labor market. We are convinced that diversity makes us better and leads to a more developing workplace. We must be an attractive and safe workplace for everyone and in this way contribute to more people developing their careers and having the opportunity to fulfill their goals.

We have a large proportion of younger employees, almost half of all employees are under 30 years of age. Many young people get their first job with us, something we are proud of as it is an important step in life and career. With many younger employees, we have a responsibility to ensure that they get a good start in working life and are given opportunities to develop.

Since 2017, we have actively and successfully worked with social issues, these are categorized under inclusion, equality and social responsibility. Our mission has essentially been based on enabling employment for the target groups who, for various reasons, find it more difficult to get into work.

As a clear example of our ability to take social responsibility, we were praised for our work in the fall of 2022 by receiving the award “the good example”, an award given to the company that shows great commitment to social responsibility.

Whistle blowing
We strive to run our company in a long-term and sustainable way. Therefore, it is important to us that irregularities that could seriously damage the business or our employees are noticed and investigated as early as possible. We encourage both employees and external parties to use our anonymous whistleblower service.


Competence development and career opportunities

The employees are our most important asset. We see the importance of not only attracting new talent, but also retaining and enabling our employees to grow and further develop. We strive to enable career paths within the company, which we believe is an important aspect to maintaining competence.

A safe workplace

With many employees and work tasks that can be physically demanding, health and safety is one of our most important issues. We actively carry out systematic work environment work. Our workplaces are mapped based on work environment risks and any deviations are corrected.

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