Climate Roadmap 2030

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. The logistics industry accounts for a significant part of the total greenhouse gas emissions, while at the same time it is crucial for modern society. Finding sustainable logistics solutions where both the climate and society benefit is therefore important to ensure continued sustainable development. Our goal is to be climate neutral for the emissions generated from our own operations by 2030.

We want to contribute to a transformation of the logistics industry and minimize climate impact. Therefore, we have raised the level of ambition and are working to be climate neutral by 2030 with regard to emissions generated in our own operations (scope 1 and 2) and to greatly reduce emissions from scope 3. We have developed an overall climate roadmap with the aim of identifying and clarifying what we need to implement in order to reach our goals. The travel plans are adapted to each site and office in order to integrate the work into the organization and adjust based on local conditions. We also collaborate with our customers in order to ensure that we also reach their goals.

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Local improvement works

In order to reach the group-wide goals, we work with local improvement works regarding environmental work. All offices and logistics sites annually report at least two initiatives carried out to improve local environmental work. Our decentralized organizational structure and diversified operations mean that we need to adapt the work based on local conditions. We also see it as an important part of integrating the issues into the operational work, increasing understanding of the issues and including and engaging the entire organization. Something that is crucial for us to reach our goals as everyone’s contribution within the group is important.

Service for real-time monitoring of CO2e emissions

We want to create the conditions and make it as easy as possible for our customers to reach their sustainability goals. Within Logent Transport Management, we have developed a tool to monitor real-time CO2e emissions for our customers’ transport solutions. This enables a systematic improvement process where, together with our customers, we identify potential areas of development.

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